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What about me?  

I’m a very unpredictable person, who does not like to do the same thing always and likes to be surprised. I am interested in learning about different disciplines and experimenting with various techniques. This interest led me to discover the world of digital illustration during my studies.

I’m an illustrator in the feminist magazine “Proyecto Kahlo” , I joined the initiative of the association “Believe in art”  painting a mural in a room oncology of the Miguel Servet Children’s Hospital in Zaragoza. Furthermore, I have also made different illustrations for the Summer Bulletin 2018 of “CIPAJ” Youth carried out by the city council of Zaragoza and more publications and projects.

I moved to Ireland a while ago, looking for something new. I have learned many things along the way, but for me the most important thing was to learn to know myself, and to feel comfortable creating. Living in Dublin has given me the opportunity to see the design from another point of view and to know different cultures and styles, I have also participated in different occasions in the illustration festival of Dublin  “DCAF”  in different
occasions. There I bumped into illustrators that I look up to as Tara O Brien.

What’s my trajectory?  

Training and studies.

I have learned how to perform work processes based on needs and communication. 

Art School, Zaragoza 

Baccalaureate of Arts at the School of Art, Zaragoza (Spain)


ESDA, Zaragoza 

Degree in Graphic Design at the School of Design of Aragon. (Spain)


University of Nebrija, Madrid

Semi-presence master’s degree in ESO Teacher Training and Baccalaureate, FP and Language Teaching, art and design specialty.


Awards and exhibitions


Finalist for the Third Sweet Illustration Contest of La Tolosana.

Illustration exhibition in the Trenzarte pastry shop, Zaragoza.

Illustration exhibition at Villahermosa Palace, Huesca.


Illustration exhibition in the Cheshire Cat Library with the illustrator Vera Galindo, Zaragoza.

Illustration exhibition in support of the XIX edition of the International Film Festival held by women, in the Vía Lactea, Zaragoza.


Illustration exhibition with the Graficart magazine in Carmen de la Victoria, Granada.

Joint exhibition of final projects of Design Degree in El Cuarto Espacio, Zaragoza.


Prize of the poster of the Zaragoza International Film Festival made by women.

Exhibition of illustrations selected by CIPAJ at the Morlanes house, Zaragoza.

Exhibition at the DCAF illustration festival at The Generator Hostel, Dublin.


Exhibition at the Dublin comic arts illustration festival at The Chocolate Factory, Dublin.


Exhibition at Artfully market at Lucky’s, Dublin.

Latest projects