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Project Description

Eboca packaging. 

Graphic for the reusable cups to go of Eboca company.

Graph for the reusable cups to go of the Eboca company competition. Proposal for the contest of the plastic cups of Eboca. Eboca has been trying to change the view of the vending from the simple “machine coffee’ to a service that enhances innovation and happiness in companies for 30 years. On the basis of the 5 corporate colors, it was in mind to capture the idea of the 5 senses by means of the graph. 

The main idea that was intended to convey was that Eboca coffee makes us feel different sensations, from the time we chose it in the beverage dispensing machine to the first sip.

In this manner some illustrations were made according to the way a story is telled. Each glass represents the 5 senses: the sight, the ear, the touch, the smell, and finally the taste with which you can finally taste the coffee.

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