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Project Description

Believe in art – Children’s Hospital of Zaragoza

Mural made in a room of the oncology floor of the Children’s Hospital of Zaragoza.

Intervention with Believe in art, in an infant room located on the plant of the oncology specialty of the Children’s Hospital.

Believe in art is a non-profit cultural association, which aims to introduce artistic creation in the field of the Children’s Hospital, with the intention of contributing to the improvement of the day-to-day life of those with long-term income. 

It was a pleasure to participate in this beautiful initiative where the main purpose is for children and families so as to get a little out of their circumstance, to awaken their creativity, and most importantly, that these walls could make them smile.

To make the mural I chose a very special illustration for me. I thought that the idea of a heart where animals are all around –though they are not quite appreciated at first glance – might work. For that purpose I tried to create a composition in a cozy atmosphere that gives rise to a jungle so that patients can let their imagination run free based on the environment of such illustration.

I could not enjoy painting it more! It was a very rewarding experience. I was also able to get up close and
personal with  Lyona’s  work who painted her famous illustrations for the book “I will kill monsters for you” on the same days in the hall of that plant.

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